The ‘Binge Files’ report for Three

Due to a few months spent travelling through France with our kids, and some longer-than-expected home renovations, it’s taken a little while for us to get our last big project uploaded to our site, but here it is (finally)—The Binge Files.

To help promote Three’s ‘Go Binge’ proposition, which offers unlimited streaming via selected services, we worked with Three (and Cow PR), to create a 26-page report, showcasing the findings of a national survey. This report would be distributed both digitally, and as a print handout, and so we tried to come up with a solution that worked well in both contexts.

 three binge files intro

Download the full report here

binge 1

The key challenge

Our primary challenge was presenting survey data in an engaging way, and to help us do this we enlisted the help of Russian illustrator Yeka Haski. Yeka’s style was perfect for this brief, and if you think she might be right for a project of your own, we can’t recommend her highly enough (she was an absolute pleasure to work with).
We then worked with Three and Cow to come up with engaging chapters, produce content around key survey results, and wrap the whole thing up in a report that would be the biggest overview of binge viewing to date.
Overall, we—and more importantly, Three—were really happy with the end result.

binge 2

Information on ‘The Binge Files’ can be found hereAnd you can downloaded the full report here.

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