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Over the last five months we’ve been working with Microsoft’s developer blog to promote the innovation taking place within the company and beyond. This was a fantastic project to work on, where we joined weekly content meetings to develop articles that fit within the site’s content strategy, and promoted specific themes.

Below is a selection of the articles we produced, which included interviews, features, showcases and more.

Bloodhound: Humans and AI create the world’s fastest car


In a nondescript warehouse in the middle of a Bristol trading estate, a team is working on a project that could revolutionise the world of British engineering. There are no external banners on display, no signs on the door, and the only way the building is identified is as ‘Unit 3’. But for almost a decade the team in this building has been driving towards a single goal, which is now tantalisingly close to being realised: to build a rocket car that will smash the land speed record at 1000mph. (More …)

Creating a new Rembrandt with big data


Big data. Machine learning. As emerging areas of technology, these are hugely engaging topics for developers, and push the boundaries of what humans can achieve through computing. However, not everyone feels positively about them, and despite the fact that we’re still scratching the surface of what we’re able to achieve with cognitive computing, there’s already a certain amount of suspicion that’s grown up around it (with marketing and surveillance often cited as primary use cases). (More …)

Innovation and Openness: Taking a look at ‘The Garage’

mulcahey interview

There’s a shift taking place at Microsoft. You may have noticed it in the growing diversity within the company, in the support for open technologies, or in the increasing amount of Microsoft outreach. But the chances are that you’ve noticed. CEO Satya Nadella has described this new culture as a ‘growth mindset’, where employees are trained to help them recognise subconscious bias, where they are coached in how to interact better with their peers, and where they are supported and nurtured. (More …)

 Getting started with sentiment analysis


In recent years, sentiment analysis has become more prevalent as a way of measuring how people feel towards a certain brand or topic. Rather than have someone sift through every piece of communication you want to measure – whether it be a batch of reviews, or social media posts – using sentiment analysis you can discover broad reactions in a matter of seconds. (More …)

20 pro recruitment tips for developers


The most recent Stack Overflow Developer Survey has revealed that whilst 14.8% of developers are actively looking for a new job, 63% are open to a career change. And according to the Office for National Statistics, the number of people working as programmers and software developers in the UK has gone up from 238,986 in 2012 to 288,931 in 2015. That’s a 20% increase in just three years. (More …)

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