Embarking on a new adventure

Sometimes you have to take a step back and reevaluate things. This might sound trite, and I suppose it is to some extent, but these moments of clarity, realisation–whatever you want to call them–will likely bookmark your life, as the day-to-day process of getting on with stuff fills the fuzzy bits in between.

You leave home. You choose a career. You fall in love. You get married. You start a family. (Naturally, all of these may not apply to you, but some will.) And eight years ago, starting a family is where things really changed for me. My priorities transformed, the lens through which I viewed the world was replaced with something altogether more wonderful–yet terrifying–and it provided me with new purpose.

A new chapter

I do all I can to try and instil the best values in my children, and show them that they can achieve anything if they put their mind to it. And it’s with all of this at the front of my thinking that I’ve taken the hard, but hugely exciting decision to leave Future, and start my own business Oliver Media.

Over almost 20 years I’ve worked with some amazing people, to produce products that I’m hugely proud of. Together we did great work, though I think it’s often the case that, as creative people, we don’t feel comfortable saying things like that. But we should.  We should say it a lot more. And if you’ve worked with me, I hope you appreciate how much I valued all your efforts. Cheers!

In my time at Future I’ve worked in the following roles:

  1. Staff writer – Internet Works magazine
  2. News editor – Internet Works magazine
  3. Features editor – Internet Works magazine
  4. Features editor – .net magazine
  5. Deputy editor – .net magazine
  6. Editor – Digital Photography Techniques
  7. Editor – Practical Web Design
  8. Editor – .net magazine
  9. Editor-in-chief – .net magazine
  10. Editor-in-chief – Creative Bloq
  11. Editor-in-chief – Creative Bloq, net, Computer Arts, 3D World, ImagineFX
  12. Group editor-in-chief – Creative & Design Group
  13. Global editor-in-chief – Creative Bloq
  14. Group editor-in-chief – B2B Group

I’ve learned a lot from these roles; not just how to improve the work I do, but also how to improve the way I work with other people. (And I’m the first to say that I’ve found the latter far more challenging.) But, whether we’ve worked on the same team, liaised as press and PR, collaborated commercially, or something in between, I hope it hasn’t been too painful for you, and that our paths will cross again at some point.

I’m almost done–literally

I will be working at Future until October, at which point Oliver Media will be my primary focus. So if you’re looking for editorial services, native ad production, or content marketing for a site or publication you produce, please keep us in mind, and get in touch!

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